Hi, I'm Emma!

I have an eye for detail, a love of creativity and a passion for capturing fleeting yet beautiful moments in time.


I was first introduced to film photography in my teens and immediately fell in love with it. I especially loved having a limited number of frames per film roll as it taught me to shoot selectively and take care in framing a scene before pressing the shutter. This factor still influences my photographic style today.

These days I work with both film and digital photography. I'm an avid traveller and take my cameras with me on every trip, whether overseas or within Australia!

Photographic style

I'm a big fan of working with natural light and enjoy playing around with various camera angles and cropping. I shoot a mix of street and staged photography, with a focus on capturing moments that portray a particular culture or lifestyle, whether it be a snap of a vintage car parked at an Italian beachside wedding, or a shot of Bondi beach showcasing those who frequent it. 


Aside from photography, I love a loose pant, a good beat, nature (especially the beach and sky!), all things health and fitness, and would never pass on a dinner party!

I have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in Sydney, Adelaide, London and the Czech Republic, but am currently based in my hometown and favourite city of Melbourne, Australia.