I'm Emma, a photographer, graphic designer and content creator based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have an eye for detail, a love of creativity and a passion for capturing the most wonderful elements of a place, person or brand.


I was first introduced to film photography in my teens and immediately fell in love with it. I especially loved having a limited number of frames per film roll as it taught me to shoot selectively and take care in framing a scene before pressing the shutter. This factor still influences my photographic style today.

These days I work with both film and digital photography. I'm an avid traveller and take my cameras with me on every trip, whether overseas or within Australia!

Photographic style

I'm a big fan of working with natural light and enjoy playing around with various camera angles and cropping. I shoot a mix of street and staged photography, with a focus on capturing moments that portray a particular culture or lifestyle, whether it be a snap of a vintage car parked at an Italian beachside wedding, or a shot of Bondi beach showcasing those who frequent it. 

Graphic Design

Similarly to photography, I first fell in love with graphic design in my teens, after taking my first visual and communication design class. I was enticed by the entire design process, from the brief and initial idea creation, to the generation, refinement and final design presentation. These days, I still very much enjoy this process, and get particularly excited by brand identity design, packaging and print design.

Design style

I’m a big fan of typography, illustration and minimalism, and am passionate about combining these elements together to create a strong design. Due to my photography background, I also love
incorporating photography or other mixed media with digitally designed logos or typography to create a balanced, strong composition. Right now, I’m enjoying creating branding and designing content for small businesses, particularly those with a unique product and modern and/or playful brand style.


I love a loose pant, a good beat, the sky (!!), all things health and fitness, and would never pass on a dinner party (minus the eggs - I'm allergic).


I have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in Sydney, Adelaide, London and the Czech Republic, but am currently based in my hometown and favourite city of Melbourne, Australia.

Nonetheless, thanks to the digital age and our (mostly) trusty data networks, I have the ability to work remotely to produce content for you, wherever you are in the world.

Want to work together? Let's chat.

For all graphic design, photography and/or mixed media enquiries, please email hello@emmapuglia.com or fill in this form. I'd love to work together to achieve your goals!